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The Steps Involved in Alcoholic Anonymous

There are twelve steps of the alcoholic anonymous (AA).These steps are meant to combat alcoholism. Read on to know the steps.

The first thing is to accept that you are powerless as far as alcohol is concerned. You need to recognize alcohol as an allergy and as an obsession. It leaves its victims devastated.

After this, believe that there is something more powerful that can deliver you from alcohol. It leads to surrender. This step is hard since alcoholics try to overcome alcohol on their own. You can’t recover from alcohol not unless you believe in someone or something more powerful.

The other thing is to turn to God as we know him and acknowledge him as the only one to help them overcome alcohol. It involves allowing God to take control of the situation. You will not need to fear tomorrow since God has taken over.

The fourth step is to conduct a fearless and honest moral inventory of yourself.Take responsibility for all wrongs in the past. Commit the written resentments to God. You are with God in this.

The fifth step is actually going to God and then admitting to him that you have done wrongs to other people, going to the people and admitting the same also.This step is not possible not unless you trust in a higher power like God. You will need to accept that God is forgiving you after listening to you with grace. He is full of compassion towards you.

The sixth step involves being ready to let God address the defects of your character. It is required that you release the defects to God in a willing manner so that he can remove them for you.

You have shortcomings which made your past, and you have to ask God to remove them. This is an act of humility. The alcoholic cannot recover unless he accepts the gift of humility.

You will now need to make a list that will help you go making amends with all the people you have harmed.You need to be part of the list that you have harmed and seek amends with.

The other step is to make practical and direct amends to such people. In this step, care should be taken to ensure no one gets hurt in the process.

After this, you need to assess yourself continually and promptly admit when wrong.

Prayer and meditation will be needed to help you maintain contact with God.
Ensure that you take the message of your recovery to other alcoholics. Tell other alcoholics your story and let them know it is possible to recover.

The Alcoholics Anonymous is geared towards recovery.The founders laid a path for others encouraging surrender, being honest, humility, and having faith.

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